EL wire panel

These past two weeks I have been working on creating the EL wire panel for the leg enclosure.

Above is the first panel I tried. On the right, I cut holes into the neoprene so that I could insert the green EL wire into the opening. Then I did one loop where I did not create openings but had the same spacing. On the left I have them closer together, but this did not work very well because the wire could not bend that much. I tried different styles so that I could see which one worked better. The blue ring around the green EL wire is to let users know if the device is being powered or not. Since the green design on the right side looks cleaner, I decided to take the above panel apart and create the panel pictured below.

 The above panel looks a lot cleaner than the first one. I did not sew any of the wires down because I think the nylon string does not give a clean look. We are thinking of using plastic rods to straighten the EL wire.  In the final iteration, we would use a laser cutter make the openings more exact.

We also want to use a plastic covering over the EL wire panel so that thing will not catch onto it. Also we are attaching this panel to the actual leg enclosure itself so that the leg enclosure and EL wire panel can be worked on separately. This may be attached through velcro or other methods.


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