Wellness Interventions and HCI

Theory, Practice, and Technology • May 21, 2012


This workshop is designed as a day-long, highly interactive session for participants. It is structured around a plan for paper presentation and break-out discussion to develop a research agenda.

We invite contributions from multiple disciplines – including, but not limited to: computer human interaction, pervasive healthcare, preventive care, health promotion, and public health. We are looking for contributions from a variety of sources, such as government agencies, industry research and development, and academia. Topics of interest could include:

  • New and current wellness interventions and applications on various aspects of wellness, including physical and non-physical wellness
  • Development and/or field testing wellness application on various platform including mobile platform, ubiquitous computing, and social computing platform
  • Theories or practices to promote wellness behaviors of individuals and communities
  • Theories or practices to promote long term behavioral change and maintenance of healthy behavior
  • Sensor and lifestyle-logging technologies that monitor various personal behavioral information
  • Effective feedback techniques that help users become aware of their own health state, such as visualization of health condition
  • Interaction techniques that engage users in wellness tracking tasks, such as data collection, visualization, reflection
  • Method of conducting long-term studies to determine effects of wellness interventions and applications on user behaviors
  • User studies to find the user’s health and well-being related information needs

Participants should submit a 4-page position paper in the Pervasive Healthcare format through our online submission system by 5pm Pacific Time on April 14 April 19. Submissions will be selected based on their expertise in each field of theory, practice, and technology development. All accepted papers will be in the IEEE digital library as workshop proceedings.

Position papers and results of the workshop will be available on this website. The selected papers will be invited for an upcoming special issue of Interacting with Computers.

Please contact wellnessinterventions@gmail.com with any questions or comments.